Policy of Privacy

Through this website personal character data of the users without their knowledge are not successfully obtained, nor are yielded to third parties.

In order to offer the best service to him and with the intention of facilitating the use, they analyze the number of visited pages, the number of visits, as well as the activity of the visitors and its frequency of use. To this end, PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY uses the statistical information elaborated by the Internet service provider.

When providing to us their personal data, recognize specifically that we can use it of the form established in this Policy of Privacy. To allow all the treatments will allow us to offer a possible the most adapted service to him to its needs. Even so, we informed to him into which it can choose to limit the treatments of his election, as long as they are not necessary for the execution of the contract, prevails a legitimate interest of the person in charge or respond to a legal obligation.

If it facilitates personal information of other people for some of our services or if she is a person of contact of a Company and is providing personal information on alternative employees and/or contacts, it must guarantee that it has communicated to the same the present Policy of Privacy and that it has its permission to share its information with us.

From time to time, it is possible that we must realise changes in the Policy of Privacy, for example, as a result of a new legal regulation, legal new features, the adaptation of a new technology or other developments of the norms of Protection of personal data or of the privacy generally. We advised to him to consult our Web periodically to consult the Policy of up-to-date Privacy more.

PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY does not use cookies to collect of the users, nor registers access directions IP. Own cookies are only used, of session, with technical purpose (those that allow the user navigation through website and the use of the different options and services that in her exist).

The portal of which the PENTASYS is titular LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY contains connections to websites of third parties, whose policies of privacy are other people's to the one of the PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY When acceding to such websites you you can decide if it accepts his policies of privacy and cookies. With general character, if you sail by Internet you can accept or reject the cookies of third parties from the options of configuration of his navigator.

Origin of the data

The origin and origin of the data, the data are contributed by the own one interested or their legal representative; other natural people; private or public organization, coming the data from the following interested groups employees; contact people; parents or tutors; legal representative; students; applicants.

All the information that it facilitates to us will have to be truthful, taking responsibility of all those data that communicate and having to maintain the perfectly up-to-date information to us so that it responds, at any moment, to the real situation. In any case, the person who facilitates the information will be the only person in charge of the false or inexact manifestations that she realises and of the damages that LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY causes to PENTASYS, or to third parties by the information that she facilitates.

In the case of providing information to us on other people she must obtain her consent. If it provides to us data of other people are confirming to us whom its permission has and that these people have understood as this information is used.

Basic information on protection of data

Next, we informed on the policy into protection into data into the PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY to him.

Person in charge of the treatment
Person in charge: Identity: PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, with CIF: B82447335 €“ Mailing dress: Street Poet Jos© Hierro, 1 Office 17, Enterprise Building ‰boli €“ 28320 Pinto €“ Madrid, SPAIN, is constituted by the websites associated to the www.irishcalvinist.com domains. And the Mail elect: arcat signpentasys.es.

The personal character data that could be successfully obtained directly of the interested one will be dealed with confidential form and will be built-in to the corresponding activity of treatment PENTASYS ownership LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.
The up-to-date relation of the treatment activities that PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY takes to end is available in www.pentasys.es in the registry of PENTASYS activities LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

We can compile his personal information through:
Our webpage (even by means of the use of cookies);
By telephone;
By email electronic;

We only asked for the information essential to give fulfillment to the benefit on watch that you solicit to us.

When we needed to compile personal data by law or according to the terms of a contract, and you do not provide that information when she asks for herself, is possible that we cannot fulfill the contract who we have subscribed or we are trying to celebrate with you. In this case, it is possible that we cannot arrange the contract that wishes to subscribe or that we must cancel a service that it has contracted, although we will notify it properly.

With the object of technical security and diagnosis of systems, of anonimizada form or pseudonimizada, PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, can register the direction IP (number of identification of the access to Internet of the device, that allows the devices, systems and servers to be clear and to communicate to each other). This information could be used with analytical purposes of yield Web.

Delegate of Protection Data
juanmarcosat signprovidence-solutions.es

The purpose of the treatment of the data corresponds to each one of the activities of treatment that PENTASYS realises LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY and that is accessible in the registry of treatment activities. Decisions automated on the basis of this profile will not be taken, if it has not inquired to him into it. Supposing that we needed to use his personal information for aims nonrelated, we will notify it with the sufficient advance and we will explain the legal base to him that allows us to do it.

Other Purposes:

  • The procedure and management of the request of information and/or advising through this site, by email electronic telephone or.
  • To serve including in the Website and/or facilitating the asked for information, or via Web, by email electronic or by telephone.
  • To manage the contractual or commercial relation established between PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, and the Users and/or Clients.
  • To manage the fulfillment of the contractual or extra-contractual obligations assumed by PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.


The treatment of its data is realised for the fulfillment of legal obligations on the part of PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, each purpose for which we dealt his personal data account with a legal foundation that it justifies why we are using his personal data. Next, we exhibit these legal bases:

  • The User has given his consent to ask for information through form of Contact. You are free to retire his consent contacting with us. Nevertheless, the retirement of this consent can affect to our capacity to take care of the benefit of the asked for service.
  • The User and/or Client have contributed his personal data within the framework of a relation
  • contractual or precontractual. The processing is necessary for the celebration and/or execution of a contract.
  • The User and/or Client have given his consent informed for the installation of pursuit systems that inform on navigation habits according to the Policy of Cookies.
  • Also, they can take place supposed in which the processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation to which we are subject that is necessary for the accomplishment of a carried out task in public interest.

It can consult the legal base for each one of the activities of treatment that PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY takes to end you are at the disposal of that wishes to previously ask for them in the indicated data of contact.

Conservation of data

The provided personal data will be conserved during required time to fulfill the purpose for which they are successfully obtained and to determine the possible responsibilities that could be derived from the purpose, in addition to the periods established in the norm of archives and documentation.

However, the data will remain in situation of blockade during the terms that the specified norm determines previously, in order to be able to take care of the responsibilities that could be generated. Passed these terms they will be come to his suppression, unless the interested one is authorized its treatment for concrete purposes by a term superior.

In some circumstances, we can anonimizar his personal data (so that no longer they can be associated with you) with statistical aims, in which case we will be able indefinitely to use this information without previous warning.

Data communication

With general character the personal data to third parties will not communicate, except for legal obligation. The enumerated third parties next will only use their personal information under our strict instruction and have the obligation to guarantee that the suitable safety measures are implemented. Between that they can be the communications to the Mediator, Judges and Courts, interested in the procedures related to the made complaints, Companies of computer science services, Suppliers of services of systems management and YOU, Advisory professionals.

Also we can disclose his personal information to third parties when:

  • The spreading is required by the law or an Organ of the Administration with authority on
    we or you, as when there is a warrant, legal obligation, etc.;
  • We think that this spreading is necessary to help in the prevention or detection of
    any criminal action (including the fraud) or in the public interest.

It can consult the adressees for each one of the activities of treatment that PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY takes to end you are at the disposal of that wishes to previously ask for them in the indicated data of contact.

Shipment Newsletter bulletin €“ Blog

We commit ourselves to only send bulletins to him when it has expressed its interest in receiving them. These bulletins regarding the news of the sector can include, also, information related to services, products or events, that we think that they can be of his interest.

It can solicit free of charge and at any time that we stop sending bulletins to him following the connections of €œloss€ including in the messages that are sent to him, communicating it to email to exert the rights of the affected ones or by means of written communication directed to the organization.

The low one for the bulletin reception will not imply the suppression of the personal data provided as a result of the hiring of a product or service or other transactions.

Rights of the interested ones

Any person must right to obtain confirmation on the treatments that of its data that carry out by the PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.
If she sees that they are not taken care of his rights goes to the Authority of competent Control to obtain additional data about his rights. www.agpd.es
It can exert his rights of access, rectification, suppression and portability of his data, limitation and opposition to his treatment, as well as to not to be object of decisions based only on the treatment automated of his data, when they come, before PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, Street Poet Jos© Hierro, 1 Office 17, Enterprise Building ‰boli €“ 28320 Pinto €“ Madrid, or to the e-mail: arcat signpentasys.es.

Safety measures of the personal data

PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY has implemented the technical safety measures and organizational adapted to avoid that their personal data are lost, they are used or it is acceded accidentally to them of nonauthorized form, are modified or disclosed, all this according to the had thing in Regulation (the EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 of April 2016, regarding the protection of the natural people with regard to the personal data processing, as well as what it settles down in the national norm that is of application.

Also, PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY has implemented procedures to deal with any suspicion violation of the security of the personal data. In case of taking place, we will notify it to you and any pertinent regulating organization (Spanish Agency of Protection of Data).

However, although PENTASYS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY strives to protect their personal information, the nature of Internet prevents that it is possible to guarantee the security of the information that to the 100%. With this in mind, any data transmission realised through Internet will be under its own risk, reason why we insisted to him to take all the precautions to protect its personal information while it is in line.