Why not to make a webpage in Flash?

To the grain. There are 2 fundamental reasons by which we did not recommend to make a webpage in Flash.

  1. The Flash has an accessibility problem

What is the accessibility in design Web? The accessibility is that a webpage visualizes correctly independent of the used device and of the type of user. The Flash needs plug-in (complemetario software) executing itself in a navigator, reason why if your navigator does not count in this way, because it will appear to you a message similar to this:

plug in flash

Of entrance, we are forcing the user to install an additional software, something that to many of them can give repairs them, by the subject of virus and malware. That in the case that our device gives this option us, because there are certain devices as Apple: iPad, iPhone and others smartphones, that not even allows to reproduce Flash, reason why directly will not visualize a webpage done in Flash.

  1. The Flash makes difficult search engine optimization

It is impossible to position a webpage in flash? Then no, but it will cost 10 times more. Why? Then there are several reasons:

  • The content of an object Flash is not so accessible for a robot search as it can be a text and images in HTML.
  • A Web in Flash is generally a single object, that by the way usually is of great size and therefore it will take in unloading, and that only allows to have an only section. In other words, we only have a URL, which restricts much a strategy SEO.
  • If we spoke of connections to the Web, when only having a section, all the incoming connections will go towards an only URL, which she to certain finders can not like.

What is better a Web in HTML or Flash?

If the Flash is bad Why it exists? As everything in the life, pros and cons at the time of choosing between an option and another one exist. Flash is based on vectorial animations that allow to make very fluid movements and spectacular effects, but nevertheless we have a search engine optimization and accessibility problem. But for the objectives and target of my webpage, that is not a disadvantage, ahead.

With HTML we will not be able to secure those so insolent animations, but they exist alternative to endow with a certain dynamism the Web, as for example it can be Javascript. The great advantage is that we will not have accessibility problems and search engine optimization will be much more viable.

And a piece of the Web in Flash?

That is to say, I have all sections in HTML, but I put a box in Flash. First that there is to think it is: It is essential? If for example, it is that what desire is to have an animation in the head of my Web, because there are to be conscious that it is not going away to visualize in certain devices and navigators. I can't do it otherwise? It isn't worth a slider to me in JQuery?

If one is a concrete application of a section that yes or yes must be developed in Flash, because there is no more remedy than to put it. To in any case notice the users who that content is developed in Flash, arguing the reasons and noticing that it is possible that it is necessary to unload plug-in his navigator.