How much cost does a webpage?

He is habitual that a client contacts with us and directly she asks to us: €œIt pardons, but how much it costs to make a webpage€. And it comes generally accompanied from other explanations of the type: €œI do not need anything complicated, something simple€¦€. And clear, there are times that what in principle is simple for the client, she at the time of developing it can not be.

We always respond in the same way: €œhow much cost does a car? , how much cost does a guitar? , how much cost does a refrigerator? €œAll this depends on the model, of the material, the functions, the extras, of the quality of the manufacturer. In the same way, a webpage depends on the needs and requirements that are had for the project at issue. Not only the size matters, but the type of programming, if the Web is a development very to size, etc€¦

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What type of webpage you are looking for?

Web with blog

You will need to design a blog, if you want to write articles to arrive at your users and clients. You can mint a blog by means of systems of affiliations of another Web, or also by means of the use of a space for publicity. In both cases, the objective of this type of Web is to catch a great number of visits contributing a good content, to be able to obtain income.

Web for corporative companies

If you have a business and you want to give information of your company to your clients, you need a corporative webpage. They are characterized to have several informative pages of those who are, products and services, etc€¦ The general mission is to make contact of potential clients. You must consider that in the majority of the occasions you are going to need a good positioning Web so that your business emphasizes in the finders in front of the webpages of your competitors.

Store online

If what you want is to sell your products by Internet, you need a store online. From the Web the users will be able to select the products that want to buy, to make the order and the payment by Internet, with the comfort that all this entails.

Web to size

If you have a special necessity that one does not adapt to anything of the previous thing, you need a webpage to size. Their prices more are lifted, because it needs a much greater work. That yes, you will have an exclusively adapted unique Web and to your needs.

What influences in the Price of a webpage?

He is something habitual in the clients to want from the home to include all the functionalities of the Web. But, unlike other average ones as it can be a printed catalogue, the Web is an alive being to which to a part or a new functionality can be added to him, without needing remaking all the previous work. Consequently we recommended to concentrate in the more habitual services and needs, in the future to extend other areas and lines of business.

The factors are multiple that usually influence in the cost of a webpage, although we enumerated here most habitual:

  • A development to size. That is to say, I need something very specific for my Web with a very particular programming. This is something that usually lifts the price enough. Nevertheless, if your project Web adapts to something standard, as a CMS of wordpress, you will have much cattle in the economic land.
  • The size matters. It is not just like a Web has 10 sections, that has 100 sections. Perhaps the development company makes a small initial charge of products and you are in charge to register the rest of products, but your time also is money. In any case, it does not have the same work to start up a store online with thousands of products, that a store to sell 3 types of oil bottles, for example. Also we can compare a corporative Web of a great brand that has hundreds of pages to show to its catalogue or services, that a Web of a SME that usually has 30 sections less than. So large What will have your Web? Be done an approximated idea of the pages and/or products that you will need. In the end, the cost is translated in the days of development and design. However, if we counted on a CMS, we can have a manageable Web, and the client will be able to create and to modify content.
  • Search engine optimization. He is something that there is to anticipate before the development, because it implies a series of studies and additional planning. In addition, this service has a monthly cost, which following the sector and competitiveness, usually is greater or smaller. In order to know to value it, it thinks how long can dedicate to him to your Web to the month by the established price. If it is very little, as a rule, it distrusts.
  • Hosting. We recommend to have a quality Web server. It is certain that always you can secure to a cheaper option of lodging Web, but is not worth the trouble the price difference, because although in some cases the annual cost can be the double, is not great amounts.
  • Multidioma. The implementation of the Web in several languages causes that it is necessary to translate new corresponding texts and to talk back all the webpage with the URLs. All this structured good. If we spoke of positioning Web, the work is complicated still more logically.
  • Photographic adjustment. We recommended it only in strictly necessary cases. It is necessary to consider that to alter a photography has been time enough and therefore we can be consuming enough economic resources in this section. Shelp this, it is important not to neglect them, since the photographies are something in which there is to put persistence, because the image that passes on the Web with them is fundamental. A good photo generally does not need adjustment.

Extras of the Web

It is moment for asking to us what extra needs will need our webpage, as for example:

  • In your Web they are going away to realise payments?
  • Will the Web be integrated with another Web, app or ERP?
  • Does Your Web need login or registry users?
  • Going to be a Web is multidioma?
  • Does the Web need a directory/seeking intern?
  • Does Your Web need services of positioning Web?

All this, logically will increase the price of your project Web in major or measured minor.

In the end, as you can verify, a webpage is as a suit to size, since they exist multitude of factors to determine the price of a webpage for that reason he is so complex to answer this answer and we cannot say a concrete number. It is certain that you can be molded to a standard suit, but eye that everything has a limit. Generally, it distrusts of a budget of a too cheap webpage, because after all, programmer is translated in working hours of a designer/Web. We did not recommend either that you order the image of your company in Internet to a friend or to the son of the neighbor, because although is computer science, the design Web is a very concrete specialty and the result never will be the same.  And we do not say search engine optimization, where in a company specialized in positioning Web they tell on a multidisciplinary equipment the complete one (or at least, thus it would have to be).

Our recommendation is that you approach a design company Web, or contacts by telephone or mail, and comments in detail the project that you have in mind. They will advise and advise to you of the best options and you will have a clearer idea of everything: What includes, times of development, personnel implied in the project and by all means, costs and a budget to your measurement.

You are thinking about making a webpage? In IrishCalvinist somo specialistic in design Web and we can help you without commitment some. It contacts with us and it begins your project Web.