How to know if my Web is penalized by Google?

In order to know of what we are speaking, first we have to know how why a Web can be penalized by Google. It is as when they put a traffic fine to you. If the police pillages to you because a fine and following the type of infraction falls to you, that fat person it is the fine. In the same way, Google has its rules and directives that all webpage must fulfill if it does not wish to be penalized. Google is not going to you to put a fine, but your Web for certain criteria will choose to delay to x positions or in the worse one of the cases if what fails to fulfill the Web is very serious, to disappear of the index of Google.

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Whenever it does not fall the number of visits is due to a penalty. It can be by the seasonality of the sector or any other reason. But How then if one is a penalty? We see what types he has.

Types of penalty in Google

Essentially 2 types of penalties distinguish themselves:

  • Penalty Manual. This is easily identifiable because a message in Google Search Console is received (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools). From Google they have reviewed your Web of form manual probably because it has received a Spam Report of which it has denounced some practical SEO against the directives of Google that your Web harms.

penalty manual google

  • Algorithmic penalty. In this case, the spider search Googlebot has tracked your Web and has detected automatically that your Web fails to fulfill certain criteria. In this case it is more difficult to know if one is a penalty or no, but usually it is good idea to compare per dates the graph of statistics of your Web with the updates of the algorithm of Google and if a sudden slope of traffic takes place with one of the updates, you have enough problems of which is a algorithmic penalty. In order to facilitate this task there is a tool of Barracuda that it connects with our Google Analytics and it indicates the dates to us in which an update of Google has taken place so that thus we can identify easily if a fall of the traffic corresponds with an update of the algorithm of Google. Also we can consult is page, where we can find a listing with all the changes of the algorithm of Google ordered per date so that we can verify if one corresponds with a fall of visits to our webpage.


Examples by which Google can penalize to me

Since we have commented are some directives of Google that cannot be harmed, but not always something is made aposta or deliberately, nevertheless, with a resemblance of the citizen law, the ignorance of the law does not exempt of its fulfillment. In other cases, it is clear that there is some strategy that clearly is against the rules of Google and these usually are counted. We see some:

  • Duplicated content. Your content is not original. That is to say, you have copied it of another Web or you have modified it a bit. There are times that you have not copied it of another Web but it is that your content is the same that other Webs, for example, if you are distributing of certain product, all that they distribute that product have the same content. The solution is in having all the original content and written up by us, I know that it is an arduous task but you want to position well, is one of the rules, if you do not want that the algorithm of Google Panda penalizes to you. Also it can happen that the content duplicated this in your own Web, reason why to detect the causes to eliminate or to block this content is essential to be able to leave a penalty of Panda or Phantom.
  • I connect Toxics. Eye is known that the connections in other Webs are considered by Google, but that not all bond. Before it gave equal, but now Google is able to know the quality of the same and if they are artificial or natural. Reason why if your Web has connections that Google considers nonNatural, the algorithm of Google Penguin will cause that your Web is penalized. It watches your connections and eye that there is until people who dedicate themselves to make SEO Negativo, that is to say, to put toxic connections to the competition. There are forms to control this through a Disavow, but one escapes of a post as simple as this.
  • Sobreoptimizaci³n. When Pisa too much the accelerator you end up yourself leaving the highway. In the equal SEO, many things in SEO OnPage but eye can be optimized that not all bond. That it must appear certain keyword in texts does not imply that it is due to repeat by all the sides, because you will be falling in a practice of Spam.
  • If there are doubts in something. Any technique that you believe that she is not correct, probably is not good idea. It is very difficult to find a weakness in the algorithm. And even so, sooner or later they will pillage to you.

How it is possible to be left a penalty?

First it is to detect to what must and that usually is not easy. If manual is a penalty, we must first correct what they soon indicate to us and to ask for a reconsideration, in other words, we are saying that we confessed our error and that it will not return to happen.

If we concluded that it is by a algorithmic penalty, we must identify to what update must. It can be Google Panda or Penguin, reason why one is to detect duplicated content and to eliminate it of our Web, or of toxic connections, in which case we have to realise a meticulous cleaning of the same contacting with all the webmaster possible and in the end to realise a Disavow in Google Search console, although this must realise it somebody that dominates this matter in depth.

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