Advantages to make a Web in WordPress

In order to begin this post we will begin making a question us What is WordPress? Then WordPress is CMS (Content Management System) or also denominated manager of contents, it is a program of developed open code in PHP so that as much inexperienced users as expert they can create, manage and administer the contents of a webpage or blog of simple and fast way without having programming knowledge Web.

advantages of wordpress

WordPress is Profitable

  • Gratuitous: WordPress is a totally gratuitous manager of contents with license lpg, that is to say the end user has the freedom to make use, to share or to even modify and to personalize software at will.
  • Rapidity: Another important factor is the rapidity with that you can create pages and articles with total reliability, which is translated in saving of times and costs.
  • Simplicity: The learning curve of WordPress is fast and simple, which causes that it is easy to use for any user with desire to create a Web or a blog. You do not need to have programming knowledge, in addition thanks to the amount to gratuitous programs or plugins that there is in the network you will be able to complement and to improve the functionalities of WordPress, to even create a store online. Although eye, all the plugins are not wonderful and are some can get to you to annoy the Web
  • Flexible: In addition to plugins, WordPress also has widgets, that they are modules that help us to create and to organize content new or different within a determined point from the Web, as it can be to add banners of publicity, blocks of social networks, alternative menus, form of subscription, etc.

advantages Web wordpress

WordPress is Professional

  • Multiuser: Another one of the advantages of this manager of content is that it is very easy to create diverse profiles of users with the permissions adapted in each case if your Web is managed by different people, this way each profile or general, publishing administrator, author, collaborator or subscriber only has access restricted to his work area.
  • Open code: For many users it can be a problem or a disadvantage due to the subject of hackeos (for that reason he is very recommendable always to have a copy of all the Web), but also is certain that to the being a program of open code (open source) is a great community of programmers and developers who provide solutions online to multitude of problems that can arise. However, WordPress constantly sends updates of its platform to improve things among others the security.
  • Multilenguaje: In addition multilanguage is a platform, although by defect it comes in English, you can create your Web in your language for a comfortable navigation and understanding of the management of your deprived zone of administration.
  • Personalizable: Back they were those blogs or Webs created with Worpdress that seemed miserly and professional little, nowadays are million groups and subjects designed and structured that gives many possibilities us of creation, in addition the majority very well to them are Responsive, that is to say who adapt perfectly to the totality of movable devices. However, to choose a good group is not easy and take part diverse technical factors.
  • Maintenance: The pages Webs created to size (although there are times that is necessary) with programming languages as PHP or ASP with time are remained out of date and that stop to modify them are necessary the intervention of a programmer/designer. Nevertheless, WordPress gives the possibility yes of changing of aspect and design of your Web in a single click with another group, that, if your Web has great content and multitude of sections is recommendable to consult with a computer science one to verify the compatibility of the new subject.

SEO wordpress

WordPress positions in the Finders

  • SEO: WordPress takes or with Google, from his private zone we can define that we want to use URLS friendly so that the finders find the more attractive our pages, in addition from repositorio diverse official we can find plugins gratuitous to help with the positioning as the Yoast or the All us One in SEO. However, he is recommendable to count on an agency SEO that manages all the marketing online and search engine optimization to you.
  • Blog: From a WordPress home it was created as a form easy to create content as blog for the news, post or events that interest to us, but nowadays has been verified that the finders consider this practice how something important to which they give to more notoriety and visibility, that yes, you do not forget to create content of original quality and.