How to know in what position it is my Web in Google?

Certainly sometimes you have wondered yourselves what position occupies your Web in Google, since if we were in the first positions by the main criteria by which we want to appear we will have many more visits and more clients contacted with us, reason why to know in what place we are positioned and the evolution who we have had throughout the last months can be important for the visibility of our company in the finders.

In spite of importance of this factor, every time is more difficult to know position exact that we occupied in Google, since they influence many factors that will cause that the positions are not the same for everybody, as for example if we are logueados and we have a file search, on the basis of our geolocalizaci³n or of the device with which we enter Google, since for example if we entered from a mobile, the Webs which they are not adapted movable devices lose visibility with respect to which they are adapted.

How to know what real position we occupied in Google?

Finder of Google

It is the form simplest to know the position that you occupy in google although most laborious if you want to verify a great one I number of key words, in addition to know a more real position and than it does not count your file of navigation you will have to open a private window or of incognito in your navigator.

Google Search Console

Search Console is the new name of Google Webmaster Tools and once within her we can see the information that it facilitates to us on the average position which we occupied with different key words by which we have appeared, in addition gives to information on the number of impressions or ctr us for each keyword.

google search console


With this tool you will be able to verify the positions that your Web with the different key words occupies in which appear you Web between the 20 first positions in Google. In order to obtain this data, we will only have to enter the tool and to puncture in organic investigation. Semrush is a payment tool, although you have the possibility of realising 10 free daily consultations although with limitations in the number of results.

semrush key words


Application to install in your computer and with which you will be able to trackear and to know the positions in Google of your Web that you indicate to him. It is a payment tool, although it has a gratuitous version with which you will be able to trakear a domain. In addition it generates an historical one to you so that you can verify the evolution of each keyword in Google.

cuterank key words


It is another tool of monitoring of key words and that daily updates with the results creating a graph to be able to see the general evolution and of each keyword that we have put to monitor. Also you will be able to make a pursuit of your main competitors to verify his evolution. Positionly is a payment tool according to the number of key words that we want to make a pursuit.

positionly key words

Free for Monitor Google

It is another application to install in your computer with which also you can monitor the key words that you want to follow. You can select the country where you want that it makes this pursuit along with the number of results in Google analyze, whatever more results we have position, will take this analysis more.

free monitor google


It is an application that you can unload and install in your computer and with that you will be able to verify the positioning of your keywords analyzing of periodic form the positions that as much occupy these key words in google as in other finders.


These are only some of the known tools more, but there are many more as much gratuitous tools as of payment that you can use to verify the positioning and evolution of the key words of which you would like to be in favor in the first places.