What is does a CMS and why serve?

CMS are the abbreviations of Content Management System, that translated the Castilian is Managing System of Content. Applied to the scope of Internet, one is a tool or software to be able to manage the content of a webpage, without needing having some advanced knowledge of design and programming. It is possible to us, to extend content and to create new sections, to modify it, to eliminate it, etc€¦ all this through an area of private administration.

that he is cms

Its design Web usually is based on groups, although the normal thing is to adapt them to the project Web, to personalize it and to do a series to him of adjustments that make more corporative and better the webpage. They exist a series of module or plugins that can be added to the CMS to equip to him with greater functionality.

Which is the best Manager of Contents?

There is no one generally is better than another one. That goes in tastes, although there are some are more complex than others. Something that yes that is important to consider at the time of choosing a CMS is the type of Web which we have and the needs of the same It is a store online? We needed a blog? Things of those are those that can influence in the election of a Manager of contents or another one.

CMS for a corporative Web

If your Web is a corporative webpage, they exist CMS multitude, although we are going to name those that to our opinion are most popular: Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Of them, this last one is used at world-wide level and the one that greater community of users and information you can find in Internet. However, the other two are also very valid. You can be poured off by one of them on the basis of your personal preferences, tastes, etc€¦

If your Web is going to have a blog or your Web directly is a blog, in that case yes that we recommended to choose by wordpress, because it is a CMS that was created initially for it, although since then has evolved very many.

Perhaps on the other hand, your project Web is very specific and it does not adapt none to a platform CMS, reason why you would have to develop a webpage to size.

CMS for a Store Online

There are several CMS specialized for stores online. Perhaps most popular in Spain it is Prestahop because its learning curve is smoother, although we have others as they are Magento, OSCommerce, and WordPress even has plugin WooCommerce call that allows to have a store online under that CMS.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Platform CMS

security cms

Although with a platform CMS you have great advantages as the one to manage contents of easy and intuitive way and other many as for example those that we commented in the article of Advantages of WordPress, also requires of certain knowledge technical at the time of installing it, maintaining it, security, etc€¦.

When being platforms of open code, that is to say, the code it is accessible for anyone, can be security holes that used of hostile way can make that your Web is infected by some malware, let it unsuitable or even change the content of your Web. In this sense, he is basic to implement the recommended safety measures more in each CMS, but even so your Web will not be out of danger, reason why most recommendable it is always to have a backup copy of all the Web to be able to recover it in case of hackeo.

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