Advantages of the Email Marketing

In order to begin this article we will begin explaining that is that of the Email Marketing and as it works. The Email Marketing is a powerful tool of direct marketing that consists of the by email electronic shipment of newsletters or news bulletins to your present and future clients, and that following a thought, organized and or directed strategy either works enough or.

advantages email marketing

Something that you must consider before sending to you to send mail massive to your clients is to request permission to them to receive newsletters, bulletins, supplies etc€¦ to avoid to be considered as Spam and even penalized. An advice who I give to secure you its acceptance is to offer to your clients or subscribers some extra benefit as he can be some gift, discounts, etc€¦ in exchange for that mutual service.

Reasons to send Newsletter

  • To segment: The email marketing has the advantage that can be personalized and to segment newsletter following a who goes to go directed (sex, age, location) and to the needs or interests of the client, this assures a greater percentage to you success.
  • Economic: Through platforms as MailChimp or AcumbaMail among others suppliers, you can much more realise a communication with your clients of a fast and simple way to very economic prices that adjust to all the pockets and cheap that another type of publicity. The majority of Webs of this type also counts on a gratuitous plan that is limited in number of subscribers but who it stops to initiate to you in this world is ideal.
  • Results: Another benefit of these platforms online is that the results are immediate, each campaign that lance approximately usually takes a day in arriving at all the subscribers, following the amount of members and that in addition counts on a section of measurement of statistics to know who has opened the message, who has made click and where, or who has rejected the mail and the reason.
  • Loyalty: The email marketing is an effective weapon so that your clients periodically receive the news on your business or products and of this form to have to you present in their mail and its daily life, consolidating a stable relation.
  • Branding name brand: As a result of the previous point we could say that also it increases the recognition of your brand, since it has been verified how it is easier to remember a message that remembers to you with regularity. But care, changes to the message and not you passes with the amount of newsletter shipments to the month since it can cause the opposite effect and that your subscribers terminate by fatigue or slowness.
  • Benefits: We do not forget the really interesting thing of this practice of direct marketing, that is to sell, it is a really effective tool, it is as if a commercial one of your company goes to house of the client or where it wants that it is to offer his product but with the more comfortable and less intrusive advantage of being.

As you can see the advantages to realise email are many marketing. A last advice who we give you through our own experience is that it is not practical to have hundreds or thousands of subscribers due to having whatever more better, but the few or many that you have are faithful and interact with your brand or company, quality before amount, because don't mention it serves you that your post office do not open them or that they go directly to the recycling wastebasket, safe to spend the money to you in not at all profitable subscribers.