What is the Long Tail SEO and so that it serves?

Termino Long Tail was coined by Chris Anderson in 2004 in an article written in the Wired magazine, where it commented that the digital world has changed to the distribution laws, since now the markets of niches are based on small sales of many different products, right the opposite who the markets of masses that base their strategy on many sales of few products. All this is possible in the world online, since the costs of storage and distribution have descended remarkably, which allows to have a great amount of different products to be able to satisfy the demand of the different clients and niches from market that in case single they have a very small demand, but that if we see them altogether the demand is very great.  If we spoke of a Web or blog, this tail content long can suppose a very important part of the traffic to your Web, even being able to surpass to the main criteria.

lon tail SEO

What is SEO Long Tail?

The tail Long in SEO is based to position by those words or terms that are very not looked for in case single, but that the sum of many of these terms can have a potential superior to the main criteria search of our Web, in addition having as advantage that these looked for terms less exists much less competition and is easier to obtain better positions in less time, reason why to work in the creation of content for these terms is very beneficial in the long term.

Normally the searches of long tail or releases tail usually are more specific and consequently they have a greater possibility of than it ends up buying or contacting with us through the Web. We put as example that you have a store online of sale of sneakers and that the word sneakers is a more generic search and with greater volume of searches but with greater competition than for example cheap sneakers running woman, reason why if we have that landing page in our Web with the suitable content and a user enters our Web has many more possibilities of ending up buying that if enters by a more generic term, since to guess right and so he is looking for it will be much more difficult.

How to find Clave Long Tail words

Autocompletar Google Suggest

It is a form simple to secure ideas, since simply looking for in google us wrath suggesting new related words that we can use in our tail strategy long. Once we have a listing with all these words, we will have to verify the number of searches of each term through Planner of key words of Adwords. If you put an asterisk before or after the word offers new suggestions to you.

Autocompletar google suggest

Related searches of Google

These terms appear in the part inferior with some terms when a search is realised in Google, in the picture we see as Google shows the searches to us related to the search that we have done.

Related searches google

Google Trends

It is a tool of Google that allows us to know which are the tendencies search and their evolution throughout the time, being able to segment by country, year, categories or type search. In addition it shows the related terms to us and that can give ideas us for our longtail strategy.

Planner of key words of Adwords

With this tool we can look for new ideas of key words and the tool will indicate the number to us of monthly searches that each has, in addition to suggesting new related key words to us that can help us in our strategy of Long Tail. You can accede to the planner of key words of Adwords from here, for it you must have an account of Google Adwords.

Planner key words Adwords


SemRush is another professional tool that aside from being used for many other tasks related to the SEO, can help to find ideas us of key words long tail, being able to analyze to our competition and to see because criteria appear and by which we do not appear.



It is a gratuitous tool to find key words Long Tail, in whom when we make a consultation the tool offers key words to us related to the term which we have introduced. Once we have the listing of Keywords, us we will be able to unload.



It is another tool to find key words of long tail being based on the function to autocompletar of Google Search. In addition to Google, you can obtain results of the searches of Youtube, Amazon, Bing and Ebay. Once we have put one or several words, it will show all the possible combinations to us that it offers us in the finder that we indicate to him being based on the function to autocompletar.



It is a tool with a gratuitous version that will allow us alphabetically to generate up to 750 suggestions of key words ordinates by each term search which we have introduced. Aside from google, it has the option to generate suggestions for Youtube, Bing, Amazon and App Store.


Once we have concluded our investigation of key words, will have to happen to analyze these words to know the volume searches of each and to be able to us to define the terms with which we are going to work.  For it we will be able to use the tool of key words of Adwords.