What is one landing page?

In order to know what is a Landing page we must begin saying that it is an English term that means landing page, and as its own name indicates it is a specific webpage to catch the visitors and to generate a contact or a purchase.

The objective of good landing page is to turn that anonymous user who sails by Internet in client our.

that page is landing

Perfect characteristics of landing pages

Some of the requirements that must have one landing page so that it works correctly are the following:

  • Showy and visible holders. You must leave well clearly which is the reason for your page, if you offer a supply, a gift, a service, etc€¦
  • Brief and direct explanatory content: Your landing page must provide the sufficient information so that the user does not remain with doubts and if you have the possibility of personalizing the content for each type of user the conversions are majors.
  • Button of call to the action or call to action must be either visible and to be clear in its intention, or to buy or to contact.
  • Attractive and concise image than we want to transmit or of the product or service that we offer, the quality of the photo is very important.
  • Simple forms of contact, easy and at the most brief are we will animate to the user to fill up it and thus it will not become bored to fill up fields and it will leave the Web.
  • To diminish the secondary content of the page not to distract the attention of the truly important thing, in addition if you can eliminate the menu of navigation and connections content related better.
  • The testimonies and opinions of users are fundamental to generate confidence in the product or the service that you offer.

It thinks about your users when you are going to create landing pages, pon attention in the usability of the Web and leaves the benefit well clearly who are going to obtain.

Examples of landing pages

Through this computer graphics we showed a graphical example to you than one is landing page effective and attractive for the users.

example landing page