SEO for Youtube

The video has become one of the main sources of traffic of all Internet becoming one of the shared types of content more between the users, reason why to make SEO Youtube and to position your videos in the first positions when a user realises a search in Youtube is essential if you want to secure many more visits to your videos or followers to your channel of Youtube.

youtube SEO

In addition to appearing your videos in Youtube, Google also indexes the videos of Youtube and in certain searches it gives relevance enough them, reason why it is another reason to work the SEO for your videos of youtube, since these not only will appear to the users whom they look for in youtube, but also which they look for in Google.

In order to begin we must make an analysis to see which are the videos that the users look for or the interests that they have when they look for videos. In the same way that we looked for key words of long tail our Web to develop a strategy of contents, we must investigate that key words are looked for by the users when they visit Youtube.

For them we can use some tool as, that allows us alphabetically to generate up to 750 suggestions with terms related for Youtube ordinates. Also we can use Keywordtooldominator, that uses the function to autompletar of Youtube to find key words related to the term which we have introduced.


Once we have all the key words, we must analyze these words to know the volume search each, for it before we had available the tool of Youtube Keyword tool, but no longer he is available, reason why we will have to use the planner of key words of Adwords.

Another tool that we can use is Google Trends, which indicates the tendency to us search throughout the time of the terms search that we put, being able to leak by the searches of Youtube.

google trends youtube

Optimization of the content

From having all these data, we can begin to classify our videos to be able to begin to plan the optimization of the videos that we are going to raise Youtube.

Title of the video

The title that we put to the video is very important for the positioning and we must be based on the key words that we have obtained before with potential major search. The key words that we want to position must appear in the title and if they appear at the outset and they correctly describe the content of the video better still, since we will be giving more relevance him. In addition if we used an attractive title we will increase ctr (Through Click Ratio) of our video and will improve our positioning in Youtube. As you are seeing, the title is one of the most important factors for the SEO in Youtube.


The description of the video must be most complete possible, using so much the keywords by which we want to appear as synonymous or words related which they speak than it treats the video or it even extends it, for it we can be based the study of keywords which we have before realised with Gooogle keyword Planner and of the rest of used tools. To have a good description is important since one of the factors on which Youtube is based, reason why will help us enough to have the possible most complete description that it explains the content of the video as well as possible.

Labels or tags

Introducing labels is going to help the finder of Youtube to identify and to classify better our video and than we can appear in a greater number of searches and the column of related videos that use the same labels that ours, reason why are necessary to include all the terms that are related to our video and which they help to describe it.

Transcription of the Video

Another quite important characteristic at the time of publishing our video is to use the transcription of the video in subtitles that offers Youtube to us, since if we used this characteristic will be easier that Youtube can identify and to understand the content and thematic of the video that you have raised, identified more key words than they define our video and therefore we will appear in a greater number of results related to our video.


Like the authority makes Google in the organic positioning in its finder of the channel of Youtube that publishes the content has a great importance in the positioning of the videos, reason why at the outset it goes to be more complicated to appear to us in the first results of Youtube when there is a great competition with other similar videos but with greater authority of the authors.

In order to be able to increase this authority, we needed to consider a series of factors to improve our SEO in Youtube and that if we worked of constant way and we published videos of quality we will obtain that our videos have more authority.

Other Factors that Youtube uses:

Behavior of the user

The behavior of the user is another one of that uses Youtube to determine the quality of a video, being based on several metric factors as the time of visualization of the video, reason why to greater permanence of the user visualizing a video, Youtube considers that the video is of better quality than another video in which the users stop seeing it in the home, since he is not fulfilling the search of the user, reason why a video with a content of quality, unique and with image in HD is going to help to retain more time to the user being seen the video.

retention video youtube

Number of Visualizations.

Another important factor is the number of visualizations that a video has, although to a great extent depends on the popularity of your channel and of the positioning of your video in Youtube reason why at the outset it is more difficult to secure a great number of visits.

visualizations video youtube


Like Google, to position a video in Youtube, is important that this video has connections from other Webs aiming at the video or that the video this inlaying in other Webs, reason why if they connect your video from important Webs, it will remarkably help to that your video more good is positioned in Youtube, reason why to spread your videos by Social Networks so that the users share them will help you to that more users see your video and if they perhaps like share it, include it in a blog or they connect it from a Web.


The commentaries are another important factor so that Youtube considers that your video must appear before another one in the results search, since if a video has activity and receives commentaries better will be positioned, for it we must have a community in our channel and promote that they make commentaries in our videos.

As conclusion we can say that for a correct strategy of positioning in Youtube, we must study first as it looks for people to orient and to label correctly our videos generating videos with a quality content and at the same time to begin to promote our videos to generate connections and that include our videos in other Webs.