What is SEM?

When we spoke of marketing online and search engine optimization, it is necessary to distinguish in the SERP, that is to say, the results search 2 zones: The zone of payment and the one of natural positioning. The natural positioning, also call organic positioning, is known him habitually as SEO: Optimization Search Engine, that is the set of techniques that is used an Agency SEO to position a webpage in these natural results. On the other hand, it is the mentioned zone of payment, that in Google is known as Google Adwords, where it is had to implement a campaign PPC, that is to say, of Payment By Click.

that he is sem

SEM: Search Engine Marketing, includes any technique of marketing online applied to the web search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc€¦ and usually are divided in SEO and PPC. But in Spain, to which often the people when they speak of SEM is in fact to the PPC, of there the confusion talk about.

What is better the SEO or SEM?

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and it does not have why to be the one best one than another one. That must say the yield to it of each of it, measuring and analyzing the results separately. If I invest 1,000 Euros in a SEM de Google Adwords campaign, but thanks to it I obtain a benefit of 1,500 Euros of products or sold services, I have gained 500 Euros in fact, soon is profitable. There are times that are not so simple, but it is possible at least to be intuited if it has been worth for something or it has been to throw the money.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages as tenth, although in broad strokes we can see them next.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the SEO and SEM

  • The cost by click is zero. That is to say, click can do me every time they love the users who I am not going to pay for that reason. Really, the cost of the SEO is the Agency SEO in charge to take to this Positioning Web. On the contrary, in SEM (PPC), payments not to appear, but payments because they click to you, and how much? , because generally it depends on the supply and the demand of the criterion by which it appears the announcement.
  • The natural results have major credibility. In many occasions, the users know that the PPC announcements are there because the companies pay for that reason. Nevertheless, the webpages that appear in the natural results, of some way, have won to appear there. In fact, many users think that the companies that appear in the first places of the finders, are the leaders of market in their sector.
  • Number of Words by which it appears the Web. In SEM there is limit of words, but of no budget. In SEO, the number of words more is limited a priori, although with a good architecture Web you can get to reach very many criteria.
  • The SEO is not immediate. The SEO is a basic race, because the results are not immediate. Nevertheless, a SEM campaign (PPC), is implemented in a few days, and to the following one already it is working. If the time urges in your case, SEM more is adapted.
  • The results remain visible. Although in the results search, there are payment announcements are over the natural ones, the normal thing is that your budget in SEM does not reach to cover the 24 hours with the day the 365 days of the year, and can happen that in a while a user makes a search by a certain word and soon happened few days returns it to repeat and does not appear your Web between the announcements of payment, because these announcements are distributed throughout the day based on the global budget of the campaign. Nevertheless, in the natural positioning, the normal thing is that the position oscillates little from a day to another one.
  • The ROI. The return of the investment depends on each case, but generally in the long run the SEO has better ROI than SEM.