What is does a Newsletter and why serve?

Newsletter or bulletin of the news it is a digital publication that it is sent through e-mail with the regularity that is advisable for the interests of each company, already can be daily, weekly, monthly etc€¦ In newsletter normally contents of interest, supplies or promotions of our products or services are included or other contents that we consider interesting for our subscribers.

The email continues being one of the most effective and economic tools to communicate to you with your clients, for that reason continuous having a great importance in the digital strategy of the companies.

that it is to newsletter

The users who receive to newsletter are more receptive to this type of communications, since previously they have given his consent to receive these communications by email electronic, in addition always must have the option to terminate themselves at any time if no longer he is wanted to receive these communications.

Newsletter advantages

  • It is economic means that do not require a great investment on the part of the companies, reason why can maintain a periodic contact with his followers or clients by a low cost with respect to other means.
  • It is a channel to take traffic to your Web, which can generate that the sales and contacts are increased.
  • The ratio of conversion normally is quite greater than other channels as they can be the social networks.
  • It is a perfect channel to follow in touch with your clients and fidelizar having them them informed more into all the news of our company or new features of the sector.
  • It is a good way to generate Branding or image name brand
  • Newsletter it is possible to be adapted to movable devices
  • Newsletter it can be segmented by different criteria and to be customized from each type of public to obtain that they are more effective
  • They are perfect for precise promotions.
  • We can analyze all the data to know which has been the rate of opening, that contained have been more successful and have generated more contacts or sales etc€¦

Also we must consider the quality of the content that we included in our newsletter so that our followers continue having interest in her and continue opening to the post office and continuing increasing our data base without there are many losses so that our list is more and more great and arrives at more users.

In IrishCalvinist we have realised numerous campaigns of Newsletter, including the design, shipment and later analysis of the obtained results. If you want more information, you can put to you with us in touch.