How to appear in Google Maps

If you want to know how to leave in google maps or as adding your company in google maps you can follow these steps to give to discharge company Google my business and that can begin to appear in google maps.

Google my business is a tool created by Google and focused to local businesses so that they have a greater visibility to your business in the geolocalizadas searches and in this way they can find you more easily and be able to catch more clients at local level.

as appearing in google maps

Advantages of Google My Business

  • You will be able to include information on your business as telephone, photographies, schedule of opening your company and to manage the opinions and testimonies of clients and other data with information of interest for your clients.

as appearing in google my business

  • He will appear in Google maps.
  • It will appear in the local results of Google.

local SEO

  • You will be able to manage the commentaries that your clients have published transmitting confidence to the clients who still do not know you.
  • You will be able to see the statistics of your company, whichever times has appeared in the results search, whichever people have entered your Web etc.

statistics google my business

  • Your clients will be able to see how to arrive easily at your premises with the option €œHow to arrive€ 

How to give you of discharge in Google My Business?

  • In order to give you of discharge in Google My Business you must have an account of Gmail or account of Google.
  • My Business accedes to Google validating to you with your account of Google, once inside you must choose the type of company that is adapted to your activity. You can choose between Showcase if your company or business has the physical premises where to take care of the clients, Service area if you move by a certain zone where she is your client or Brand, if your intention is to promote a brand and the location is not determining.

type company google my business

  • It adds your company, it looks for your company in the finder and if no of which it appears agrees with your company, you have an option €œNo of these options it agrees, it adds your company€ and it completes the data of your company.
  • It creates your page in Google Plus and it verifies your account
  • It completes the page of your company.

data my files google business

  • It verifies your company, once you have complimented all the steps, Google will request that you verify you the company, for it, you will have to solicit that Google sends a letter to the direction of your company. This letter contains a verification code that you will have to introduce so that Google can verify that the company is in this direction. This letter usually takes about 15 days in arriving although it can arrive before and you have a term of 30 days to introduce the code. Also other means of verification via telephone exist although not always they are available.

to verify company google my business

 How to optimize the page of Google My Business?

Images, you can raise to an image of profile of a size of 250 xs 250 pixels and one image of cover that is attractive of 1000 xs 1000 pixels. 5 photos of the business.

size images google my business

Data of the company, to publish the name correctly the direction and the telephone of the company and to have to maintain the up-to-date schedules of the company. And that is the same that appears in other local directories as yellow pages or 11870.

Categories, you must choose one or several category related to your business, since sometimes you do not have all the categories, but you can put the one that is looked more like your business

Reviews, it is important to be securing reviews of your clients, since the testimonies of the clients transmit confidence to the possible new clients who see your card. In addition we must answer all the reviews of the clients and if some we were with a negative commentary it is a good opportunity to answer to them with your arguments.

reviews google my business

To verify the location, you must verify the company or business to be able to improve your local presence in Google.

We recommended to you that you begin to use Google My Business for your business or company to be able to increase your visibility in Google and to obtain local clients through Google. If you are thinking about increasing your local visibility you will have to develop to a positioning strategy local SEO, reason why from IrishCalvinist we can help with the positioning local Web you of your business.