Parts of a Webpage

Parts of a Webpage

In Internet there are many types of Webpages. Each webpage has its own thematic and objectives. It will not be the same corporative webpage, whose objective is to inform to the usuary one on its services, that a store online whose objective is to sell its product. However, almost all of them share a series of elements common: A head, the content or body, and a footer.

Structure of a Webpage

In spite of the great variety of webpages that we found in Internet, there are common elements that they are repeated almost in all of them:

Parts of a Webpage


In the head, also called to header, usually we find the Logo or names of the company and the menu of navigation. The navigation menu will indicate the user to that section of the webpage to go. For that reason it is important that he is always visible. Or of extended form when we sail to complete screen or of contracted form as it appears in the movable devices. He is interesting that the menu contains a finder so that the user can find a content quickly if the Web is very extensive. Also he is habitual to find sliders in the head that comes to be a pass of photos of good quality and that they represent and they trnasmitan the activity of the company, since will be first that is seen in the webpage. It is a good idea that these images go accompanied of text that helps the user to still know better the content the Web that this visiting.


In the body of the webpage, what is called main content, would go the main content of the Web. The body can be structured to one or several columns. According to better it fits to us based on our content. Sometimes we see the body divided in two columns. One occupying most of the width, some 3/4 parts approximately that are where the most excellent content would go. And another part occupying the rest of width, 1/4 part approximately. To this part the flame to sidebar itself. In this zone we found spaces for publicity, Social Networks€¦ This type of distribution of columns is very habitual in Blogs.


In the footer, also known as generally to footer it is the zone that closes our pages and where we found the legal information (Political of Privacy, Cookies and Condiciones of use), contact information: telephones, direction of the company, bonds to Social Networks, etc.

Scheme of a Webpage

To part of the structure of a Web, we have the scheme of the webpage, that is to say, as the content throughout its sections is distributed. It is fundamental, if the objective looks for To position the Web in the Finders, that studies the architecture of the Web very well. However, the most habitual sections of a webpage for a SME are:

Inicio or Home

The page of Inicio or Home, is one of the most important sections, since usually it is the page where usually they land our visits most of. A good page of Home, can determine that the user more or less remains time or that he leaves it immediately. There are studies that indicate that a user remains a few seconds in a Web and if he does not see anything interesting in that period of time leaves the page. Of there the importance of this element. When we spoke of good page of Home, we talked about, among other things, to a good design with the structured content or, times of fast load and by all means, that is a design Web Responsive, since to day of today the use of the mobiles or tablets to sail by Internet has been increased remarkably. A statistic that surely increases in the next years.

Products and Services

The main content of the Web as a catalogue in products classified by categories, families, etc€¦ and sometimes usually counts on a Store Online, that allows us to acquire products at the moment. Like the services, that usually are detachhed with a classification that facilitates the understanding to the potential client to direct its attention to the section that interests to him more.


In some cases, he is interesting to count on a Blog in the Web. Its mission is to have simultaneously informed to our users with contents related to the company and, to be able to catch a traffic of Long Tail. In addition, it serves as bond between our Web and the social networks, to be able to attract visits from those means.


Some of the objectives that usually persecute the Web of a company, are to obtain new clients, for that reason it is important that the user that enters our webpage can contact easily with us. For it we can offer to the user bellboys and connections throughout our Web, who take to our page of contact. The contact page must contain a simple form in which the user fills up only the necessary and essential fields. That the user fills up more fields of the habitual thing, could mean that the user chose not to fill in this form. Also he is habitual that we find a map indicating the location of our company.