Parts of a Webpage

Parts of a Webpage

In Internet there are many types of Webpages. Each webpage has its own thematic and objectives. It will not be the same corporative webpage, whose objective is to inform to the usuary one on its services, that a store online whose objective is to sell its product. However, almost all of them share a series of elements in [€¦]

Plugins essential for WordPress

plugins essential wordpress

In order to begin this post we must know how that plugins is complementary programs or additional that are used for they increase the functionality of WordPress. In repositorio official of WordPress are more than 45000 plugins between gratuitous and of payment, and are why she turns out an expensive task to know and knowledge that plugins are essential for [€¦]

What is one landing page?

that page is landing

In order to know what is a Landing page we must begin saying that it is an English term that means landing page, and as its own name indicates it is a specific webpage to catch the visitors and to generate a contact or a purchase. The objective of good landing page is to turn [€¦]

Magento versus Prestashop

magento versus prestashop

With the arrival of the CMS of free code to the market, the creation of stores online is easier that before, since these gratuitous programs are a powerful tool with which to realise the sale online of our products. Back it has been the design of a store online to size programmed in php/asp and [€¦]

What is does a CMS and why serve?

that he is cms

CMS are the abbreviations of Content Management System, that translated the Castilian is Managing System of Content. Applied to the scope of Internet, one is a tool or software to be able to manage the content of a webpage, without needing having some advanced knowledge of design and programming. It is possible to us, to extend content and [€¦]

How much cost does a webpage?

price webpage

He is habitual that a client contacts with us and directly she asks to us: €œIt pardons, but how much it costs to make a webpage€. And it comes generally accompanied from other explanations of the type: €œI do not need anything complicated, something simple€¦€. And clear, there are times that what in principle is simple for the client, she to [can not be€¦]

Why not to make a webpage in Flash?

it marinates flash to player

To the grain. There are 2 fundamental reasons by which we did not recommend to make a webpage in Flash. The Flash has an accessibility problem What is the accessibility in design Web? The accessibility is that a webpage visualizes correctly independent of the used device and of the type of user. The Flash needs [€¦]