What is lead?

Lead is a user who has given his data to a company, normally in exchange for a value content that this company offers and that, after it happens to comprise of the data base of the company so that this can interact with him. As he is natural nowadays, the person who has introduced her data has had to accept the privacy policy previously.

In order to obtain leads he is indispensable to offer value contents that can unload or obtain of exclusive form through a form where the user can leave to his data of contact in landing page of a webpage or from a post of a blog. These leads we can obtain them through different sources from traffic as it can be the organic visits, a campaign of mailing or by means of some campaign of announcements of payment through Facebook Ads for example, comprising all of them of our strategy of inbound marketing.

You can look at this example of landing page of pick up of leads.

that he is lead


These users happen to be considered as potential clients of our products or services and we can begin to work with them to be able to turn them into clients, which is the main objective of the pick up of leads.

Types of lead

Since we have already explained lead in marketing is the user who still is in the starting phase of the purchase process. Although he is possible to review that a previous phase exists that also would be necessary to value: the subscribers. These are the users who have given their e-mail to receive information that provides your company (the news, new features, articles, etc€¦).

We can classify the types of leads of clients according to in the phase of the cycle of purchase in which they are:


One is the contact in one first stage of the purchase process. Still it is needed to deepen on the potential client with marketing action so that it takes off his interest of purchase.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

At this moment, the contact already has been identified as it leaves from ours target and it has purchase possibilities. The possible client knows clearly his necessity and is shuffling solutions. Our objective in this phase is to obtain that the possible client takes to us into account at the time of deciding his purchase.

Salts Qualified Lead (SQL)

This contact already is in the final phase. It has evaluated your products to cover his necessity and already is I aim to be decided. All strategy of necessary Marketing as direct discounts, commercial visits, gratuitous demonstrations, etc is the moment for closing the sale using€¦

lead marketing

What to do once we have caught lead?

The number of leads that you can obtain is directly related to the traffic Web that you can attract your webpage, either through organic traffic or with a campaign of payment.

To obtain leads is the first part of our process of sale and that stops to complete it we will have to implement technical to be able to be able to transform this lead into a client of our products or services.

Two of the techniques more used in inbound marketing are lead nurturing and lead scoring. Both can be worked jointly and they are due to develop since the usuary one fills in the form and it becomes lead.

Lead Nurturing

With this technique it is tried to get little by little at the user pushing the user to arrive at the final transaction. The method usually is through chains automated of mails, in which of periodic form it is receiving contained customized and from value. This way the user is knowing plus the brand and entering the purchase dynamics.

Lead Scoring

With this technique lead in relation to the actions is granted a numerical score to each that realises in referring to your company and your contents. That is to say, if lead interacts continuously and in addition it does with contents related to the purchase, major will be its score. This way we will be able to easily differentiate between contacts that have more possibilities of final purchase and thus to develop our strategies based on his score.

An important point is that a tool of Automation Marketing will be necessary to be able to automate and to measure our strategies.