Advantages of a Certificate SSL

advantages certificate SSL

What is a certificate SSL?

A certificate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer translated, Layer of Safe Connection) is a digital certificate that authentic the identity of a webpage and in addition the number the information, being a connection under a safe protocol between servant and user. Also a certificate SSL for other protocols as FTP can be used, smtp although it is used generally to base the traffic Web under a protocol HTTPS.

How I identify a webpage with Certificate SSL?

https correct

This can turns at first in the most common navigators. The area code of the URL in the part of the navigator, must be HTTPS (Safe protocol HTTP) instead of HTTP. In addition, he is habitual that the navigators add some icon or additional symbol as for example a padlock.

What advantages contribute webpage to me?

https versus HTTP

  • First of all, as the information is encriptada, it remarkably increases to the security between client and servant to us. In some webpages as the stores online, are something practically obligatory, although the external footbridge of payment also has it.
  • You reinforce your brand, since it is at sight that the activity online of the company is realised under some security parameters.
  • It generates confidence in the users. Some navigators show to the webpage as €œwebsite not surely€ if he does not count himself on a certificate SSL, which causes that some users distrust of this Web by that simple reason.

website not surely

  • We put an additional barrier to malware or hostile attacks.
  • He can improve the search engine optimization of the webpage, since Google considers that a Web with certificate SSL has a point to its favor in its algorithm. Already by the simple fact that affects directly in navigation by the Web of the users, Google knows it.

How much it is worth a certificate SSL?

Different certificate types SSL and therefore different ranks from prices and benefits exist.

We can find until gratuitous certificates, but eye because the majority is sent of automatic way and none does not verify the holder of the Web, that is to say, the company is not verified that there is behind the website. In addition, gratuitous certificates SSL usually do not give a guarantee in case of failure either, so that you can demand the corresponding compensation.

On the contrary, a payment certificate takes a process in which the company responsible for the webpage is verified and give guarantees. Within payment certificates, there is also a great variety and it will depend on our needs. There are them for a single domain (DV), are them multidomain, those that denominate wildcards that cover all the subdomains with a domain, for example or

Also we have certificate SSL for organizations (OV) who validate all the data of the company and extended certificate SSL (EV) that is safest of all since to obtain it is necessary them to pass numerous validations. Logically these are more expensive.

A certificate for a domain can be surroundings to the 70 Euros to the year, but we go away to the most complete certificate as the one than it can use a banking identity, already we go away to numbers of thousands of Euros. As in everything, it is necessary to analyze the needs and not to kill flies to cannon shots. Normally a certificate of payment for a domain, is sufficient. And you consider, that like a domain, a certificate SSL is necessary to go renewing periodically it, normally every year.

What implies to put a certificate SSL in my Web?

In addition to contracting it and the cost that associate takes, the certificate is necessary to put it to work in the webpage.

Concerning servant, it is necessary to correctly install it so that the Web visualizes under protocol HTTPS, as well as the information of the certificate. And in the renovations, one is due to update in the servant. All this, normally realises it the datacenter where we have contracted to our lodging Web.

But everything does not finish there. Once installed certificate SSL in the servant, it is necessary to touch to the source code of the webpage, since all the connections and elements must be connected under protocol HTTPS. If that does not take to end correctly, although the URL of the Web is under HTTPS, will give a warning that is not implemented correctly:

https error

But eye, that putting a certificate SSL us can harm the positioning Web if it is not taken to end correctly.

migration SEO https

This is because this change of HTTP to HTTPS, implies directly that all the URLs of our website has changed, therefore, it is necessary to make a migration of URLs in the finders and a pursuit of the same, since we can lose all the positioning in Google of our Web, if this does not take to end of the suitable way.


Summarizing, he is very recommendable to have a certificate SSL in our webpage that covers our needs, but implies a series of changes in the design and programming of the website, that must be carried out by technicians specialized in the matter.