Advantages of a Certificate SSL

advantages certificate SSL

What is a certificate SSL? A certificate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer translated, Layer of Safe Connection) is a digital certificate that authentic the identity of a webpage and in addition the number the information, being a connection under a safe protocol between servant and user. Also a certificate SSL for other protocols can be used [€¦]

How to appear in Google Maps

as appearing in google maps

If you want to know how to leave in google maps or as adding your company in google maps you can follow these steps to give to discharge company Google my business and that can begin to appear in google maps. Google my business is a tool created by Google and focused to local businesses so that] has one [€¦

What is SEM?

that he is sem

When we spoke of marketing online and search engine optimization, it is necessary to distinguish in the SERP, that is to say, the results search 2 zones: The zone of payment and the one of natural positioning. The natural positioning, also call organic positioning, is known him habitually as SEO: Optimization Search Engine, that is the set of [€¦]

SEO for Youtube

SEO for youtube

The video has become one of the main sources of traffic of all Internet becoming one of the shared types of content more between the users, reason why to make SEO Youtube and to position your videos in the first positions when a user realises a search in Youtube is essential if [€¦]

What is the Long Tail SEO and so that it serves?

lon tail SEO

Termino Long Tail was coined by Chris Anderson in 2004 in an article written in the Wired magazine, where it commented that the digital world has changed to the distribution laws, since now the markets of niches are based on small sales of many different products, right the opposite who [€¦]

How To promote a Store Online?

as to promote a store oline

So that a store online works influence many factors to consider and it is not necessary to neglect any of them, all sum, especially the part properly of the Web eg: the architecture of the Web, the usability, an attractive and adaptable design to all the movable devices, the amount and the quality [€¦]

How to know in what position it is my Web in Google?

positionly key words

Certainly sometimes you have wondered yourselves what position occupies your Web in Google, since if we were in the first positions by the main criteria by which we want to appear we will have many more visits and more clients contacted with us, reason why to know in what place we are positioned and the evolution that [€¦]

How to know if my Web is penalized by Google?

penalized webpage

In order to know of what we are speaking, first we have to know how why a Web can be penalized by Google. It is as when they put a traffic fine to you. If the police pillages to you because a fine and following the type of infraction falls to you, that fat person it is the fine. In the same way, Google has [€¦]