What are and why they serve codes UTM?

One of the actions most important to improve and to know what it is happening in our webpage is to know as is the user that visits to us, how long is, whatever turns, why traffic channels have arrived to us and that marketing campaigns are working to us better to be able to continue harnessing them and to secure the established objectives.

For it, we must understand and analyze our analytical Web and is here where codes UTM acquire importance to be able to analyze and to segment all these data from Google Analytics.

What are codes UTM?

 Codes UTM are some parameters that are added at the end of a URL to personalize them and to help us to know to know from where the users and each one of the visits come to our Web.

Of more technical form, UTM means Urchin Traffic Monitor, a name that comes from the tool of analytical which it bought Google before creating Google Analytics.

With these codes that we add to a URL, we can know through Google Analytics simple way everything on the traffic that arrives at our webpage, or through a connection in a mailing campaign, a connection through a social network, a connection through an announcement of Adwords or Facebook Ads or any type of connection.

This code UTM can have one or several codes UTM, following the information that we need to trackear, since each code UTM identifies a type of different information with a meaning and different objective.

We are going to see an example of code UTM so that you see as it would be:


These codes that we add to a parametrizada URL, do not affect to the positioning SEO of our Web, since Google interprets them as elements of the analytical Web of the page and do not affect to the organic positioning of our Web.

How to create codes UTM

As anticipated Google has available a page to facilitate the creation to us of these connections. You only must accede to the UTM Builder de Google and thence, you only must fill up the fields to compliment and we will be seeing according to we are filling up as it is created the URL with the parameters in the part inferior of the screen.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that these connections are for customized campaigns of publicity of email or cradles in a Web, is not necessary to be confused with the campaigns realised with the function of automatic labelling of Adwords.

In order to be able to begin to add to these codes in your urls and to begin the pursuit of your visitors, it is important to know that one talks about and so that it is worth each one of the fields, since they can seem similar and you can get to confuse to you:

  • Utm_source (Source of the campaign): This field is obligatory and it will serve us to locate the source from where the traffic as newsletter arrives to us or a social network. Example: utm_source=Facebook
  • Utm_medium (Half of the campaign): This field is obligatory and thanks to him we will locate since half advertising or from marketing reason why us the traffic has arrived. It can be for example cpc or through a mailing. Example: utm_medium=cpc
  • Utm_term (Term of the campaign): This code is used for campaigns of publicity in payment searches and power to identify which are the payment searches. Example: utm_term=ordenadoresportatiles
  • Utm_content (Contained of the campaign): This code is used to differentiate the similar content or connections within the same announcement. It will help you to know what type of connection works better within the content of the campaign. Example: utm_content=port¡tiles+gaming
  • Utm_campaign (Title of the campaign): Another vital code where we will include the name of the campaign reason why will inormar¡ to us since campaign is attracted more traffic your Web. Example: utm_campaign=ofertaSanValentin

Codes UTM Google

 After filling up the fields we would have left a URL similar to this:

codes UTM

Once or you have the created connection we recommended to you that you use the acortador of URL to obtain an elegant link the more, you can do it from the same page that facilitates Google or if you cannot do it with other tools as Bitly.

to shorten UTM to builder

Both urls are perfectly valid and go to the same destiny, it is only a form to see the most elegant URL and without as much parameter.

Where I can use codes UTM

Use sharing it contained in social networks, or if you use Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads, for the connections in newsletter it will be helpful or to verify the effectiveness of your last landing page. There are multiple options only is necessary to use the imagination and you will verify to what extent codes UTM can help you.

Where I can see these data in Google Analytics

In order to see the data that generate these codes UTM, you must accede to Google Analytics and follow the following steps:

  • To go to the eyelash of Acquisition of the account that you want to see
  • Kitchen mhelp in Campaigns and soon in all the Campaigns

UTM google analytics

Functions of codes UTM

In order to give a ampler vision you so that you know to where they can arrive and that benefits can contribute so much to ours site to us as to the marketing campaigns which we realised.

  • Complete tracking on your visits. You will obtain a global vision of the traffic having known from where it arrives, what key words have been used, etc.
  • Analysis of the origin of the traffic. To know from where your visits arrive and what actions have impelled to him to clickar in the connection towards your Web.
  • Monitoring of the types of content. Knowing that types of contents are the favourites by the users you will be able to sharpen a little at the time of creating as much campaigns more as new contents in your Web centering you in the majority ones.
  • Filter of campaigns. Knowing what campaigns have better or worse welcomed you will be able to be centered in which they have major acceptance. In addition thanks to the data you will be able to analyze why of the successes and the failures of your campaigns.
  • Optimization of the operation of the payment campaigns. Thanks to the data that you obtain you will be able to improve each aspect of the campaign, on the one hand you will know what key words work better, thus you will be able to review your rank of action and to optimize the investment that you realise.
  • Analysis of action of concrete. How you know what actions have worked better you will be able to redirigir your campaign thinking about securing more conversions.
  • Learning on the behavior of the users. If you know as to read the data you will obtain a learning on all the elements of the codes. You will know what channels work better, if the content shared in social networks is improvable, if they help to position and you will obtain to a global vision of the operation and effectiveness you of the internal liaisons.